Dental Hygienists

Irina Donskaja
Certified dental hygienist

In 1996, Irina Donskaja graduated from the Medical Academy of Latvia and started her career as a lecturer in the Academic School of Dental Hygienists.

In 2012 received SOLO PROPHYLAXE Certificate. 

Irina Donskaja is a member of the Latvian Association of Dental Hygienists and a member of the Certification and Recertification Commission. Continues to improve her skills and knowledge on an ongoing basis and keeps track of the newest methods and techniques entering the dental hygiene area.

Ilze Jankovska 
Certified dental hygienist

In 1996 graduated from Riga Medical School No 1 and was awarded the qualifications of the dental nurse. In 2003 completed the program of the School of Dental Hygienists of Riga Stradina University and became a dental hygienist.

In 2012 received SOLO PROPHYLAXE Certificate.

Continues to upgrade her knowledge at post-graduate courses organized by the Latvian Association of Dental Hygienists.

Ineta Novikova
Certified dental hygienist

In 2006 graduated from the University of Latvia. In 2012-2014 studied at Riga Stradina University and upon completion of the educational program was awarded the professional qualifications of a dental hygienist and a diploma of the first level professional higher education.

In 2014 received SOLO PROPHYLAXE Certificate.

For her professional development, she attended conferences and seminars organized by the Association of Dental Hygienists and by Riga Stradina University.