Tooth Whitening

Everyone wants to have a beautiful and shining white smile. The color of teeth is defined by a multitude of factors: heredity, age, food products and beverages used (such as coffee, tea, red wine, colorful fruit and vegetable juices, etc.), smoking and tobacco chewing (during smoking, the gaseous pigment contained in tobacco smoke settles deeply inside the teeth and makes them yellow). The color of teeth is also affected by various drugs and by a poor oral hygiene.

Professional tooth whitening in the clinic

Tooth whitening may be performed on healthy teeth only, which is why we recommend that you have your dentist check your teeth first.  It should be taken into consideration that if your front teeth have "white" fillings (fillings comprising composite hardening in the light), these fillings will not change their color as a result of whitening and will differ from other teeth (it will be necessary to replace such filling after whitening). Crowns and veneers will not change their color as well. You have to make an appointment to see a specialist for a consultation prior to the professional tooth whitening procedure in the clinic. During the consultation, you will be given detailed information as to what should be done before and after the tooth whitening process.

Tooth whitening in our clinic is performed by hygienist Ineta Novikova. About one week before the whitening procedure it is necessary to see a hygienist in our clinic. The hygienist will remove dental tartar and soft plaque off the teeth.

We carry out tooth whitening according to the methodology developed in the United States, i.e., bleaching with hydrogen peroxide. During the procedure, lips and gums are covered with a special material to prevent exposing of the gums and mucous tissue to the bleaching gel. During the whitening procedure, the bleaching gel is carefully applied several times. Brighter teeth up to eight shades – this is the outcome of the procedure.
Whitening can cause sensitivity of teeth. If teeth are very sensitive, the hygienist will schedule the second bleaching session to be held in 3-5 days. After the whitening procedure, a patient should strictly comply with the recommendations concerning his diet, smoking and oral hygiene. The specialist provides detailed information.

Tooth whitening at home

One can whiten teeth at home by applying the bleaching agent in caps. For this purpose, ready-made or custom manufactured caps can be used. You can buy whitening caps in our clinic.

In order to have customized teeth caps manufactured, a patient has to make an appointment with his dentist (30-minute visit). During the visit, the dentist takes a dental impression and later teeth caps are manufactured in the dental laboratory. The patient and the dentist discuss the choice of the best-fitting whitening product and how it should be used. Customized teeth caps can be used several times. It is possible to achieve two to three shades whiter teeth.

To keep one’s teeth white after the bleaching procedure, it is necessary to take a good care of the teeth every day, i.e., cleaning teeth at least twice a day, using interdental brushes, visiting a dental hygienist (your dental hygienist will recommend how often you need to see the hygienist).