Oral Surgery

Oral surgery includes tooth extraction of various degrees of complexity, apex resection, dental implants, and other procedures. In our clinic, we have a certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

Dental extraction

In our clinic, in case of a dental extraction (tooth pulling), we thoroughly assess bone condition and quality. If necessary, an artificial bone or an A-PRF membrane is inserted. The dentist carefully evaluates the necessity of dental extraction and discusses it with the patient. Extraction is performed under local anesthesia. To reduce the risk of complications and ensure fast recovery, the patient must follow doctor’s instructions before and after the surgical manipulation.

Apex resection

Apex resection is a procedure which is used in the situation where the endodontic tooth therapy (root canal) did not totally eliminate the infection in the affected tooth. A failure to remove the infection in due time may cause its spreading onto the jawbone and ultimately lead to a loss of the tooth. Apex resection is the last option of saving the tooth. During the procedure, the part of the tooth root causing inflammation is surgically removed, without touching the healthy part of the crown, and the root canal is filled with the dental filling material. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia.