Children’s Dentistry

To make sure that the child’s teeth are healthy, beautiful and properly aligned, the oral hygiene of the child should start as soon as the first tooth erupts. Special attention should be devoted to proper cleaning of teeth, since the timely and relevant oral hygiene may preclude the necessity of dental therapy in the future. The child’s oral health and the health of child’s teeth is the responsibility of parents.

Visit to a hygienist

We recommend showing your child to a hygienist for the first time when the child is 2-2.5 years old. During the visit, a hygienist, making it a game, shows to the child the dental chair and different devices placed next to the dental chair. The child can sit in the chair by itself or in the parent's lap. In the manner that is friendly and appealing to children, the hygienist examines the child’s teeth, cleans them, and applies enamel reinforcing foam. During the visit, the hygienist educates the parent on the right way to take care of the child’s teeth, which toothbrush, toothpaste and other oral hygiene products are best to use every day. These manipulations performed by the hygienist are the way to gradually educate the child not to be afraid of a dentist. In our clinic, Ineta Novikova is the hygienist taking care of our little patients.

Visit to a pediatric dentist

We very well understand that treatment of little patients requires a special approach. Therefore, we gladly cooperate with parents and children themselves to make sure that a visit to a dentist becomes a valuable experience and pleasant adventure. During the introductory visit, a dentist examines the child’s mouth, specifically checking gums, the bite and condition of teeth, answers parents’ questions about taking care of the teeth, prevention of caries and prevention of other problems, and refers to another specialist, if necessary.

During a visit to the clinic, we offer empathetic and thoughtful attitude, a playground corner for children, colorful seals for milk teeth, small gifts at the end of the visit. In our clinic, little patients will be kindly welcomed by dentist Līva Lapše and dentist Ieva Vītola.

We recommend visiting a hygienist and a dentist at the time when the child has had a good sleep and is not tired.