Our story

The dental clinic Medical Group DENS opened its doors to its first patients in March of 1993. At that time, it was a small private practice of one person – the founder of the dental clinic Judīte Juta Bērziņa. The ideals and the vision set by the founder and the head of the company, high quality work delivered by like-minded specialists, and the lasting loyalty of patients to the staff of Medical Group DENS – these are the factors that allowed us to grow over the period of 25 years and develop into a well-recognized dental clinic in the center of Riga that is favored by clients.


A good specialist works on perfecting his skills and invests into his professional development. The doctors working in our clinic are specialists in their fields; they keep track of the newest tendencies and technologies and constantly upgrade their knowledge both in Latvia and abroad. We cooperate and learn from one another and we work as a team to ensure that our patients receive the most appropriate and the most effective treatment.

Therapeutic technologies

It is critical to us that the customized approach we maintain in treating each patient is of high quality. Apart from implementing the newest techniques and technologies, we also focus on discussing with each patient the underlying cause of any given problem, possible consequences and available treatment options. It is important to solve the problem and it is crucial to educate the patient on how to maintain oral health in a long-term perspective.